Firstly, may we thank you for having your car filmed by us at ProFilms. On this page you will find information on how to care for your vehicle now it has had the PPF treatment.

If the do’s and don’ts are followed, then we can ensure the maximum lifetime of your vehicle’s PPF, and therefore the paintwork underneath too.

Firstly, Don'ts

• Wash your car within 2 weeks (14 days) after application of the film. In this time, the film is still ‘settling’ and washing could cause movement of the film, therefore making your vehicle unprotected.

• Do not wash your car with a pressure washer whilst the PPF is ever on your vehicle. The high pressure can cause the film to lift, and come off.

• Do not try removing the film and reapplying yourself. This will only cause further damage to the PPF and/or the paintwork.

• If you see bubbles under the film, do not try and push them out. Please wait until after the 14 day period and if they are still there, bring the vehicle back to us and we will amend as necessary.

Now, Do's

• Do be sure to wash your vehicle as normal (N.B if you are using a pressure washer, be careful not to get too close with the nozzle) once you are outside of the 14 days after application, taking extra care around the area that has the PPF on it.

• If you see a slight mark on the film from a stone, a scratch or any other abrasion then apply a light heat source to the affected area and watch the mark disappear. (Do not apply a heat source that could burn the film i.e a flame)

• If you do see any edges pealing away, simply smooth them back down using a soft cloth and push in the direction of the edge of the film to prevent air bubbles.

• If the PPF is unfortunate enough to rip, do get in contact with us so we can amend as soon as we can (there maybe additional costs involved with this).

If you are ever unsure about any mark’s on your PPF or would like any other aftercare advice, our contact information is on the bottom of this page.

Thank you once again for choosing ProFilms to protect your vehicle.