With our ultramodern, state-of-the-art facility at our HQ in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, ProFilms are now a LLumar AFC (Authorised Fitment Centre) for both Automotive and Architectural films.

This allows us to fit the finest films to your vehicle to help enhance, protect or even change the appearance of your vehicle. We also fit window films to residential or commercial property.

So what are the Benefits? The main benefit from having any of the above fitted to your vehicle, is obvious; scratch resistance*. It is also possible to protect the paintwork from other minor abrasions and stone-chips.

We also offer vehicle window tinting too. Like the films we offer to our architectural clients, this can both protect the occupants and interior furnishings from the various harmful rays of the sun, but also they enhance the appearance of your vehicle. All of our films are fitted in full compliance of the law, and therefore we will not fit darkened films to the windscreen, front passenger and front driver’s side windows.

*deep scratches can’t be prevented, and if the scratch is deep enough to penetrate the film then there could be potential damage to the paintwork underneath.