Our Commercial Film offerings are very similar to those that we offer for the Residential market. Just like with our Automotive films, we are also a LLumar AFC (Authorised Fitment Centre) for Architectural Films.

This certification means that we are amongst the best in the country for fitting window films to flat glass. (The term ‘flat glass’ refers to any windows on any architectural dwelling).

So what are the Benefits?

Out of the range defined above, we have found that the main window films that our clients mainly go for include Solar control, Privacy and our most popular, Safety & Security films.

Bottom white section on Commercial film page – ‘The main reason our clients are choosing to install Solar Control films are to:

• Reduce costs associated with heating and cooling of your building
• Prevent the fading of office furnishings that are caused by the sun’s UV rays
• All our films are British Skin Foundation Approved, and therefore fitting the Solar film protects the occupants in the building from damaging UV rays

The Privacy films we install will help with the security of your building, as they are available with one-way viewing. Thus meaning that occupants inside can see out of the building, but viewing from the outside is restricted.

The most popular window film we install at ProFilms is the Safety & Security film. This film helps increase the security of your building and windows even further. One of its key features occurs if and when the glass is attempted to be broken it will hold broken pieces of glass together.