Vehicle wrapping enables you to give your vehicle a cosmetic makeover, by completely changing the colour of your vehicle. Don’t paint it…it is far cheaper, quicker and easier to wrap a vehicle and at ProFilms the choices are almost endless!

It is possible for us to wrap your vehicle to make the paintwork appear satin, glossy, or matte.

Advantages of wrapping your vehicle

If you’re the kind of person who likes to put their own personal stamp on something they own by modifying it, or your vehicle is your passion, there are several reasons why you may want to try this approach to car care and enhancement, including:

  • It is far cheaper than a full re-spray of your car. A full body re-spray can cost over £3000 when done correctly. Wrapping your vehicle can (with our choice of films) cost a fraction of this.
  • As well as altering the look of your car, it will protect against stone chips, light scratches and any other marks you could encounter
  • Wrapping your vehicle can be a good way of advertising your company or services. Perfect for round the clock noticeability!

Disadvantages of wrapping your vehicle

As with any car modification, the results can look amazing, but it is very easy to ruin the look of your car with vinyl wrapping, rather than improving it. Here is why:

  • If you are tempted to use cheaper services by a cowboy garage, the vinyl will appear cheap, bubbled, untidy and rough at the edges or worse.
  • Bird deposit becomes even more of an issue, as it corrodes the soft plastic more easily than the paint underneath
  • Again, if it is done cheaply, many people find that when the film is removed, there are deep scratches in the paintwork underneath, from the knives used by the installers when cutting the vinyl to size! Which means you have essentially paid to key your car!